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Want to shoot with us?


  • How do I come along to see the club?


First you must contact the club secretary (use the Contact Us form) and arrange a suitable day to attend the club where you will be met by one of our committee members.


  • I don’t own a gun and have not shot before


That’s not a problem, you will be given a safety induction and provided with one-to-one tuition on the correct handling of firearms. We start you off with an air rifle and you progress to .22RF during your probationary period.


  • When can I attend the club?


Once a full member you can attend at any time as long as there are 2 full members at the club. But during your probationary period the main times are Wednesday, Friday and Sunday evenings.


  • What can I shoot?


As a probationary member you will be able to shoot air rifle and progress to .22RF with the use of club guns. Once you have your own FAC you can shoot all .22RF firearms, black powder firearms and pistol calibre firearms. However, if home loading ammunition you must prove you are competent home loader, sign a declaration on home loading  and prove the muzzle energy is below our range limits. We will chronograph your loads and record the data.


  • I am already a FAC holder how do I join.


You join the same way as any other probationary member although if you currently shoot at another club we may offer a reduced probationary period of 3 months. you may use your own firearms but will still need to undergo our safety induction.


  • Are there any restrictions on what I can shoot?


Yes you must only shoot what the club is passed for and in the disciplines previously shown. All ammunition must be lead, no copper jacketed ammunition is allow.


  • Do I need any safety equipment?


All safety equipment will be provided for your initial visits but we do recommend you purchase the following items.


  • Ear defenders (mandatory)

  • Safety glasses (mandatory on semi auto rifles)

  • Rifle breach flag.


  • What can I expect on my first visit?


On your first visit you will be met by a committee member and given a safety induction. You will be asked to complete our application form, this is a legal requirement. You will be shown the facilities and we will answer any question you may have. You will not be allowed to shoot at this time.


  • When do I need to pay and join?


You are allowed 2 visits to the club then on your 3rd visit you must pay the joining fee and 6 month range fees.


  • When and How do I apply for an FAC?


Upon completion of your 6 month probationary you will be invited to join the club as a full member. You will be asked to pay the outstanding membership fee and once paid you will be given a unique membership number. At this point you may apply for an FAC. Your sponsor or club committee member will assist you in completing the form. The application forms are available from the police website and cover personal and medical history.


  • Can I shoot shotgun


The short answer is no. we do not allow shooting of shotguns at our club.


  • I only want to shoot air guns


Not a problem but the process for membership is the same as FAC. You may bring your own rifle throughout the probationary period.


Membership cost


The club provides full shooting facilities for its members. Once membership fees are paid there are no further costs. Membership fees are due between 31st October and the 30th November each year. All targets used within the club are provided for within the membership fee and all club competition fees are provided for within the membership fee.


Summary of costs


One off Joining Fee £100

Probationary Membership fee 6 months £72.50

Full Adult Member £200 per year

Full Junior Member £30.00 per year

Social Member (non shooting) £30.00

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